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Plane Door Blows Out During Flight

Updated: Feb 9

In recent news, an Alaskan air flight had to make an emergency landing due to technical problems. The airplane's door came flying off due to some loose bolts on the plugs this plug was about a 60-pound door that holds and locks the plane door came flying off. This happened to a recently built Boeing 737 MAX 9. 

While at 16,300 feet, and going 240-285 km the door came flying off, and with the oxygen masks deployed, luckily, no passengers were hurt since a passenger was late for the boarding that had a seat booked next to the door. Alaskan Air after this incident investigated and found the same aircraft that had more loose bolts. 

With the rapid boom, a passenger's phone was ripped out of the charging cable and sent 16,000 feet flying through the air! Somehow the phone survived the drop and the phone was found later with no scratches.

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A. How did a passenger being late affect the amount of people hurt. B How did the phone survive a fall from 16k feet when we watched a video in science of a phone breaking in two from a 14 story fall. C. You when the phone from the plane lands near you: OMG its raining phones LOL🤣

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