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Reasons to not be nervous about WOW

Everyone is nervous about their first WOW trip, I know I was. But you shouldn’t feel nervous. After all, everyone in your grade will be new to your grade’s WOW trip.

You are about to spend five days away from home, parents, pets. Sure, that can be a little scary. But…

6th Grade

Photo credit: Maureen Cullen

Photo credit: Maureen Cullen

7th Grade

Photo credit: Maureen Cullen

Photo credit: Maureen Cullen

 8th Grade

Photo credit: Maureen Cullen 

Photo credit: Maureen Cullen

You also get to stay with your friends and you get you be away from your annoying siblings — it can’t get any better.

If you feel that you won’t be able to survive without your electronics, don’t worry, you will always be distracted with activities like bathing elephants, zip lining and rafting.

Yes, the ride to your destination is boring, but the view is worth it. Especially when you are in the mountains.

Ask any student from 7th and 8th grade that has been here for WOW before and they will tell you that WOW is worth it. When I came back from my WOW trip last year, I came back with a smile on my face and a new friend, so don’t be nervous. It will be an awesome adventure…everyone will say so.

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