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Should Phones be Allowed in School?

Did you know that almost 7 billion out of 8 billion people in the whole world use cell phones? Cell phones are one of the top inventions ever made. They have revolutionized our lives. They enable us to communicate and keep in touch with people all across the world and provide instant entertainment and knowledge. Yet, cell phones are a major problem in school. In my opinion, they should be banned because cell phones are a distraction, they are not a necessity, and they make people antisocial.

I think cell phones should be banned from school because they are a distraction. The main distractions are the constant notifications from social media which kids treasure so much, knowing they will be itching to check and answer them the first chance they get. And responding will distract them and other students further, disrupting the process of learning. Additionally, students depend on their phones to help them with their studies. Overall, cell phones will come in the way of studying.

Another reason cell phones shouldn’t be allowed at school is because they are not a necessity. In other words, none of the apps are required during school hours. Entertainment apps like Instagram are just a distraction, and entertainment can be given by friends. Furthermore, the most useful apps, Safari, Chrome, or Google, are not needed either because instead of searching something up, they could just ask someone. Therefore, none of the apps are important during school hours.

Lastly, phones shouldn’t be allowed at school because they make people antisocial. To begin, when France banned cell phones in 2018, kids started socializing more. The article, “Are Smartphones Making Your Kids Anti-Social?” states that as kids use smartphones more and more, they spend less time interacting face-to-face, and this leads to a decline in their social skills. The same also applies to adults. Moreover, the most common thing to do on a phone is probably text. People love to talk to their friends. Yet phones aren’t required to do that. It is also possible to talk by using verbal communication and eye contact. Due to phones, people are losing confidence in speaking flawlessly and with eye contact.

Cell phones are convenient in the sense that parents can communicate in case of any emergencies and make sure their children are safe. However, it is not needed during school hours. That is what teachers are there for—that and teaching. If students need to be contacted, they may be before or after school. If it is an emergency that cannot wait, parents should contact a teacher or a responsible adult.

After looking at all the evidence I have provided, it is safe to state that phones should not be permitted during school because phones are a distraction, they are not a necessity, and they make people antisocial. Now, have I convinced you? Have I proved my point? Do you believe me? What will you do?

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