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Student Exit Interviews- 7th Grade Part 2

This year, 65 students are leaving us and are going to various countries around the world. Each week, we will publish these interviews for those students who will be leaving. Down below are the interviews of 4 of the 24 7th graders who will be leaving AES this year.

Arshi Chawla 7th grader Photo Credit: Mr.Rubin

“I’ve been at AES for 5 years, I would describe my experience as vibrant, emotional, inspiring, opportunistic and short. I really hope my friends with remember all the good times and laughter we’ve had. The thing I’ll miss the most about this school is that although people are moving out and moving into the school, I can still make stronger friendships and keep them even when they leave. I’m moving to California. There, I want to keep learning and I can go to marches and parades to show what I mostly believe in.”

Sarah Yeo 7th Grader Photo Credit: Mr. Rubin

“I’ve been at AES for 4 years. I’ll describe it as exciting , fun , good, fantastic and fabulous. AES is a breathtaking experience. I hope my friends and teachers remember me as a fun person and a great student. I will mostly miss my friends an the amazing community at AES, and the teaching style of the teachers. I really liked the WoW trips and some of the activities we done in WoW. I really don’t believe my eyes that I’m leaving. I’ll definitely going to miss my experience at AES. I am moving to Korea, and I can’t wait to shop around and eat FOOD! The school I’m going to is called SFS, Seoul Foreign School.”

Tal Nevjelik 7the grader Photo Credit: Mr.Rubin

“ I have been at AES for 5 years and it has been the best experience of my life. I hope to be remembered as persevering and creative. The amount of opportunities AES exposes you to is unbelievable. I am moving to Israel and my plans are to make the most of it and hopefully keep in touch with all my friends.”

Tegh Kalsi 7th grader Photo Credit: Mr.Rubin

“I have been at AES for 4 years and yes, it has been a pretty good time. I think everyone will remember me as I always talk about the NBA. I’ll of course miss my friends and the basketball courts the most. I’m moving to Singapore and I don’t really have any plans.”

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