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Student Exit Interviews: 8th Grade – Part Two

This year, 65 students are leaving us and are going to various countries around the world. Each week, we will publish these interviews for those students who will be leaving. Down below are the interviews of 5 of the 25 students in 8th Grade who will be leaving AES this year.

Sagar Castleman

“I’ve been at AES for 4 years. I’d describe AES as mind-stretching, fantastic, and fun. I hope other students and teachers remember me as someone that was fun[ny] and always optimistic. I’ll miss my friends the most, who have all made a huge impact on me throughout my time here. I’ve also been lucky enough to have some really fantastic teachers, who have also influenced me in many major ways. Then of course the campus. And the food. And the technology. So I guess pretty much everything. I’m moving to a town called Takoma Park that’s about a one-minute run to Washington DC, but is technically in Maryland. I’ll be living in the same house I lived in four years ago, and I’ll probably have many of the same friends, (although I’ll surely make some new ones as well). Although I’m really sad to be leaving AES, I’m also kind of glad that I get to leave right before high school, so that the transition will be a little easier. Another thing I’m really looking forward to is American food (I can already taste that cheese pizza).”

Ronan Takizawa

“I have been in AES for 4 years. That’s only 2/7 of my life, but it still feels like my home. If I had to describe my experience at AES in five words, I would say that it let me become myself. One thing I love about AES which I will miss is how there are no borders to do things. Culture and religion don’t separate people here, there are always opportunities to pursue your passion here, and the people here accept anyone to be themselves. I will be moving to Japan, which is my home country, but is a country of perfection which is formed through conformity such as culture and academics. I think my new school (ASIJ) will be great, but I think I won’t be able to live a life with no borders like the one here. The life I loved at AES. I hope the people at AES will remember me through the memories we had. I have created many friends and strong relationships with teachers through classes and events. Lunchtime basketball, after-school activities, socials. That’s a large chunk of my time at AES, but it’s only scratching the surface. Thank you AES!”

Ethan Powell

“I have been at AES for two years now. I’d describe my experience at AES as fun, exciting, amazing, and dramatic. I hope my classmates will remember me as that guy that is nice and funny, and is also a good friend. And that my teachers are going to remember me as that fun and interesting student that is entertaining. I will miss my friends the most. I have had such a good time with them and I certainly don’t want to leave them, but I guess that’s just how life works right? I will miss them dearly and I hope they have great school years. I am moving to Cameroon, Africa. My plans are to finish two school years there then spend another three years somewhere else. I really hope I will have a fun rest of my time here. I just want to say that I will really miss all of you so much, and it’s really hard for me to leave you all. I hope you all have another great year without me. Make sure you guys keep in contact! See you all!”

SeungYoon Han

“I’ve been at AES for three years. In five words, I’d describe my experience as thankful, improvements, encouragements, ASIAC, helpful. I hope that my peers and teachers remember me as a confident person. I will miss all of my teachers that taught me, my best friends, and the swimming pool. I am moving to a school in Korea, SIS, and I will be working with the counselor to achieve my goals.

Muhammad Adham “Am” Bin Adnan

“I have been at AES for 4 years since 2014, and I will be leaving in July of 2018. I’d describe my experience as memorable, life lesson, awesome, and impactful. I hope that my peers and teachers will remember me as that one person who always brings that positivity to the atmosphere. I tried my best in making people happy and I hope they are satisfied with it and I hope that my name will be written down in AES history. I have participated in many athletic tournaments such as ASIAC Volleyball, Football/Soccer, Badminton and MESAC Badminton. I hope that what I’ve done in  sports have been a positive impact for others and I wish all the best for future AES athletes. I will miss everything about AES. AES has been one of the spotlights of my life as it pretty much helped me reflect on my education and life. The community service part helped me reflect on life as we helped people who have disabilities and I listened to their stories of how they live through these type of situations. The faculty has been one of the most welcoming and best faculty that I have experienced with the food and how they manage with problems. The school atmosphere made me feel safe whenever I am on campus. The awesome teachers have helped me a lot in my education and looking back to day one, I have improved a lot and I would like to say a big thank you to the teachers at AES. My friends here I will never forget and I never will lose contact with them. They have been some of the most important people in my life and I am grateful for that. I hope that as I leave, they would remember me in events that happen at school and say “remember Am did this?” and it would leave them with a big smile on their face. Overall, India and AES has been one of my best experiences while living abroad and I am hoping that one day I will stop by this school and visit you guys again! Best wishes to everyone for the next school year of 2018-19!”

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