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The Hit of Wacky Wednesday

Image by Milla CC-BY

On Wednesday the 23rd of February, Middle School had its first Alternate Wednesday. The idea of the particular Wednesday is to replace our regular classes with fun activities like Chinese cooking or basketball. Every teacher had to choose two classes they wanted to host.

Image by Aarnav CC-BY

Many people said they enjoyed it a lot because it’s something new, something

we usually don’t do in school. But some people wondered if it would have been a little better if teachers had had more time to prepare these classes.

“I thought it was entertaining being active with people who aren’t usually in your class,” Oskar mentioned about the class World Sports.

Image by Harel CC-BY

Grace talked about her experience in World History “It was fun because you got to choose your topic and you got to work with your partners, and since I had a friend in the class, I got to work with her, it was fun.”

But there were some problems. Mr. Fumi said that it was hard to teach students math in only five classes to do it, and with time gaps that are so big, it’s almost impossible for students to learn something. I wished we could do an alternative Wednesday every week instead of every three weeks.

Image by Milla CC-BY

Activities for middle school students included Chinese cooking, basketball, net sports, Minecraft, world sports, learning how to use iMovie from scratch, street food, and cake decorating.

Special Wednesday has its benefits and disadvantages, but overall people thought the activities were very fun and look forward to the next one.

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