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The New Team

A Sporty Weekend

ASIAC Soccer was held on January 19-22, over a month after the originally scheduled date.  Even after the postponing of the tournament, it was a very sporty weekend. The two AES girls teams played each other in the finals. The AES boys team won 1st and 3rd place. Additionally, there was a change for the girls this year. Chennai only had enough girls to fill one team, so all the schools came together to solve this issue: The ASIAC girls soccer team.

The ASIAC Team

For the first time ever in ASIAC there was a team called ASIAC. This team had girls from all three schools. For most of the girls, it was the first time they met each other. They didn’t even know each other’s names. These girls came all the way to Chennai to play with unknown players and coaches. The ASIAC team even started the tournament by playing in the first match.

“The first match I felt like who are they, and what strategies do they have. The second match we started introducing each other. Match after match we started getting better. It was pretty  fun. I made new friends, and I learned a lot. It’s just an experience you have once in a lifetime.” -Eva Broekstra, Team ASIAC player

While they didn’t win, they accomplished something bigger. The aim of ASIAC soccer tournaments are to collaborate with each other, show good sportsmanship, and play soccer. The ASIAC team truly met the goal of this tournament. They collaborated with each other, made new friends, and played in positions they had never played before. Most of all, they enjoyed their time.

Photo Credit: The American International School of Chennai

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