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WOW 8 Rafting!

The eighth grade gathered together at the front of AES at 4:30 in the morning to leave for Rishikesh. Rishikesh is home to one of the most important ritual sites in all of India – The Ganga, which also boasts a great rafting experience.

The most anticipated WOW in all of Middle School is surely the 8th grade trip since it contains three days of hardcore rafting. The first day is easy rapids to get us warmed up, and working together as a team. The next day is harder, but the final day is real white water rafting.

People went in the water at an average of three times per day, even when the water was at a numbing temperature of 18°celsius. At dusk, the bonfire began and stories were told by teachers and students. Most of the stories were scary ones, of course. The camp also had activities. Over the trip, other than rafting, there was badminton, volleyball, and frisbee.

WOW was not only a time to have school out of our minds, and have fun, it was a time to enjoy the calmness, and bond with our classmates and teachers. The memories and friendships we made over the trip will stay with us forever. One thing is guaranteed, sixth and seventh graders have something to look forward to other than POP.

The three camps were Aquaterra, headed by Mr. Currey, Snow leopard which Ms. Strever ran, and finally the best camp was HRR or Himalayan River Runners, Mr. de Olivera’s camp. HRR was the best camp for three reasons: one, I was in it; two, Esther gave us lollipops on Halloween. And three, no insults can be made of our name. The other camps have Slow Leopards, and Aquaturds, sorry Mr. Currey. No insults can be made about our camp name.

So which camp do you think was the best? Let the debate continue in the comments below.

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