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WOW partner problem?

Are you excited for WOW? I am! Last week in the Middle School MPR, the 7th grader teachers told us all about WOW. Excitement was literally flowing through the MPR. In that moment, all 7th graders were happy. Well, maybe not all because there seems to be a potential problem . . . students had to pick four 7th graders to be in the same group at WOW.

It’s possible that somebody may be left out.

Everybody was literally running to their friends to ask them if they were going to pick them as their top four choices. But maybe there was just that one person in the friend group who would ask if they picked them and the person would not respond or tell them no. Some people left the MPR extremely excited, and some worried.

Could this be a potential problem?

Mr Webster says “I think that the questions about partners in WOW can cause a divide in groups.” Like Mr. Webster says, that the “did you pick me?” questions could cause a divide in a friend group.

Mr. Webster is probably right: asking your friends who they picked is not a good idea. It can cause jealousy and make people feel sad about being excluded from their friends.

So try this: don’t tell who you picked and it won’t cause people to worry. This will help everyone to relax because it is going to be a awesome WOW trip no matter who is in your camp.

Could this be a problem on WOW? Well now we know there is only one way to stop it from happening, don’t share your choices! Comment below on what you think about this potential problem.

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