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And now they “Leave to Serve”

Going to an international school has it’s perks, but constantly saying goodbye to your friends is not one of them. Unfortunately, several of our friends are leaving AES at Christmas. The Direct Message asked these students about their time in Delhi.

What is one thing you took away from all your years at AES?

After your time of being here at AES, what is one thing you would like to change about it?


One thing I took a way is being able to understand friendship meaning my friends have stuck by me and one thing I would love is being able to find people who help me as much as the teachers have being and to find friends how have lead me the right way and I’m so grateful for that.



My take away from AES is that even if we are from different country, religions, etc, it doesn’t matter. In Korea I saw few people from other countries, but here in AES, I saw lots of people from other country, so I think that was really good experience in my life.

One thing I want to change is nothing.



The diversity of AES. There are lots of people from lots of different countries. I wouldn’t really want to change anything at AES, other than more chocolate ice cream!


Arjun P.

One thing I have taken away from AES is the fact that everyone, no matter their beliefs, values, or thoughts are accepted and the purpose of learning together is to share and impart the knowledge to the outside world in order to make it a better place in our small way.

AES could improve on allowing students to have more freedom to express who they are and what they are willing to do to achieve their goal.


Patrick A.

I’ve learned that international schools are amazing ways to make friends! I’ve met people from nations all around the world. I’ve also learned that going to a international school, coming from one of the lowest rated school systems (South Carolina), was difficult. I knew very little coming here, and I’m still learning. But, with the amazing teachers and students I’ve met, my exit from this school has been going Smoothly.

In my 8th grade humanities class, I was assigned a Summative Speech. My topic was, why AES should offer a multilingual class/ offer more languages. I think that it is unfair to force a student to choose between three or four languages, when there are so many more to choose from.


Satyaj B

One thing that I learned from staying here at AES, is to make the best of every moment that you have.

I think that one thing that can be improved at AES, is that middle schoolers can buy food at the Tiger’s Den. Over the weekend if I went to ASIAC and got hungry, there was no way to get any food! This was a problem, in my opinion. Also, I believe that there should be longer lunch breaks, since I don’t think that we get to have a fair share of time to eat, and time to play.

MinJae K.

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