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Community Day was the Best Day of W.O.W.

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

There was ‘Local W.O.W.(Week Without Walls)’ among AES 8th graders from March 9th to March 11th. The names of the days were ‘Adventure Day’, ‘Delhi Day’, and ‘Community Day’. So, WHAT WAS THE BEST DAY OF W.O.W. TO YOU? Some students(including ME!) say ‘Community Day’ was the best. The last day of W.O.W. on Friday, March 11th was ‘Community Day’. ‘Community Day’ was playing various games(capture the flag, puzzle hunt, and building community) with friends. There are some reasons why the community day was the best.

First, we could meet our friends and teammates and collaborate with each other. The purpose of the day was basically cooperating and collaborating with friends and companions. So we did various activities with our partners. In ‘Adventure Day’, there were fewer systems for enjoying with partners. We should climb the mountain and walls. These activities did not need teamwork or leadership. We walked and climbed the wall with our friends, but it was not an official thing. On ‘Delhi Day’, we walked along the path to the historic and famous sites. The activity also did not focus on friendship or teamwork. However, on the last day of W.O.W., we could finally meet our friends or partners and enjoy ourselves with tour companions officially.

Second, we were at the campus. We were at the campus all the time during ‘Community Day’. It was hot and we went outside like last days in W.O.W., but it was good that we could rest with airconditioner every break and free time. There was also no carsickness, though.

Of course, every day in W.O.W. was amazing. However, we can choose and think about which day was the best and enjoyed the most. This article is absolutely my and some students’ opinions, but we can also consider ‘Community Day’ was the best. The choice is up to you, SO, WHAT WAS THE BEST DAY OF W.O.W. TO YOU?

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Brian Feeley
Brian Feeley
21. März 2022

And the best part of Community Day had to be the Puzzle Hunt... am I right? 😉

Gefällt mir
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