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Crayon Day!

What's nostalgic, colourful, and impossible to get off your hands? Crayons, of course! We saved the best for last this Spirit Week, and clicked some colourful costumes to brighten up your day!

Flash those pearly whites!

Do crayons go to business proposals?

Josie's got a full-on Crayola top. That's dedication to the role.

Opal's pose sells this one. A possible contender for the cover of TDM IRL!

Cam won because you could come in on Monday and claim you're

dressed up as a Halloween variant of Velma.

That's all, folks! We hope you had fun this week, because it's sure been an action-packed one. Since our wonderful 8th graders have been kind enough to arrange a social for us on Friday, make sure you put the cherry on top of this week of sundaes and attend the event!

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