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Delhi Day was the Best Day of WOW

WOW was from March 9 to 11 and there were all types of different activities to help us create connections and learn more about India. While each day of WOW was different and fun, there was one day that stuck out: Delhi day was the best day for WOW.

First of all, we got to go to Humayun's Tomb where we learned a lot about Indian history. If you didn’t like the history part, then you must have liked going into the cold chilly tombs, especially, on such a warm sunny day.

We also got to see beautiful pieces of art in Lodhi Colony. While we were passing by all those murals, I know many people enjoyed looking at them. It was also easier to connect with people as we got into smaller groups during lunch at Lodi Garden - people could talk with each other, play, and make new connections.

Finally, we got to explore beautiful nature in the Sunder Nursery, and learn about the ecosystem of all the flora there. Even though it was warm, we always did manage to find shade. We also saw many different types of birds and bugs.

Now that you have heard my reasoning, which day do you think was the best. Write which day you liked the most in the comments below.

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