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Humans of Middle School: Gael

Photo by Ishaan CC-BY

“I won a track and field competition where the players under 14 competed for a trophy. I went to practice like I usually did and at the end the coach Roald us to stay just for a bit longer. While he was talking I was with my best friends just chilling and then suddenly everybody looked at me. I was confused, the coach saw that and repeated what he said with my attention on him. This time he said that I was selected for the competition. Only one person from each training site was chosen to go there, and I was one of them! The competition was enormous with dozens of participants. As the first race began, I got smoked and finished last, but there was no way that I was going to finish last in this tournament. So for the second race, I gave it everything and won by like five seconds. I pretty much won the other races, but I sucked at jumping so I was around the last place after the jumping, but in throwing, I won every single thing and finished first in the overall championship.”

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