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Squid Game

Drawing by Woojin Park G8/CC-BY

Squid Game is an original Korean drama that is becoming a global phenomenon. Currently, it’s one of the TOP 10 Netflix series. It shows many games that most Koreans have played when they were children. At the time it was released, the reaction of the Korean public was not very good. Then suddenly it became the number 1 Netflix series in the world.

Actually, Squid Game was planned from 2008, but Hwang Donghyuk, the director, couldn't shoot the film because he didn't have support. The director said he wanted to make a movie about the games he played when he was young. When he completed the script, people around said “It’s too violent, there is no reality, and also it will not be a hit.” And then, 10 years later he looked at the screenplay again and he thought this would be hard to make as a movie, but if he put this movie into Netflix, it would be available for investment. Therefore, the director changed the idea to a series and Netflix showed interest.

As the show is a top 10 show, many people at AES are viewers. One person who has watched the series is Sr. Castro’s. He said, “What I like about Squid Game is that it is a very extreme situation; I like seeing how people can react to being in that situation. My favorite game was red light green light because I played that game when I was young. Everybody was talking about it, and there were many memes that I couldn’t understand, so that’s why I watched it. If I had a chance to participate in this game, I wouldn't want to join. But If I got that amount of money, I would want to use it for traveling.

Even though it’s 18+ a lot of MS students have watched Squid Game. It is getting more and more popular. When you look on social media like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, many people are trying the games from Squid Game. It's a little bit violent, but it's a really good series, so if you have not watched it yet, you should try watching it. Sr. Castro did caution, “This is totally violent, so I don’t think everybody should watch it until they are 18.” So you should check with your parents first.

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